Wholesale Orders

For all wholesale orders our terms are set out below.

Terms of Purchase

1) Wholesalers at no time can pass themselves off as Nu U Nutrition.

2) Wholesalers agree to make no un-permissable health claims and agree to follow all relevant regulations and laws.  If marketing Nu U Nutrition products in markets outside of the UK the wholesaler is responsible for ensuring all local laws and regulations are complied with.

3) Reselling on ANY Amazon platform is not authorised, action will be taken against any re-seller who promotes Nu U Nutrition products on Amazon.


Discounts & Prices

We give generous discounts based on volume sales per order.

These discounts are per order and not cumulative.

Our discounts are the same for everybody.

 If you are interested in becoming a Nu U Wholesaler please contact info@nuunutrition.comwe will get back to you at our earliest.


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